Flight Area - Serra da Estrela


Serra da Estrela is the highest elevation in Portugal’s mainland; with its main peak at 1992m (6535 feet) above mean see level. It is widely known and quite sought for its ski resort (the only one in Portugal), nature sports and especially as a cross-country flying area.

But Serra da Estrela does not only offer excellent conditions for nature sports, it complements its offer with spas, good accommodation and famous restaurants and gastronomy, which makes it one of the most famous holiday destinations in Portugal, both in winter and summer.

Manteigas Glaciar Valley is one of the best places for cross-country flights in Portugal, its excellence, proven by frequent long distance flights even during the colder months, makes it an usual spot for leisure flight and is also a prime choice for national and international competition events.

The cross-country flying season starts as early as February and lasts until as late as November. From June to September, climbing over 3000 m (~10000 feet) and reaching distances greater than 100 km is a frequent achievement.

The flying area is situated in the centre of a wide range of high plateaus and open valleys, surrounded by vast plains to East and South, the place is perfect and secure for cross-country flights. The site configuration allows for a wide range of possibilities, depending on the weather conditions. These include triangulations held within the mountain range or cross-country into the adjacent flat lands.

Club address

Largo da Reboleira - Sameiro, Manteigas

N 40º 24' 43.98'' W 7º 28' 07.20'' 

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Paula Martins, Pedro Patrício and Fernando Pereira