Vale de Amoreira

Vale de Amoreira is perhaps one of the most underestimated take-offs in Portugal. Low above the valley, the the small round shaped hill top on the ridge, it is surrounded by the imposing ridges of Serra da Estrela, but its location is one of its major assets. Protected from strong winds outside of the Serra da Estrela it exposes its East face to the wind aligned with the river Zêzere.

The Club members had explored and experimented on that particular ridge, and tested take-offs with northerly and easterly winds, as a complement to Azinha. Vale de Amoreira is the newest of the take-offs in Serra da Estrela, and now perhaps the most used during the year. It was build in partnership with the local council, that not only allowed the site to be expanded over the years, but also supported its development.

Expansion work began for the Nordic Open in 2011 and it is currently being prepared to welcome the British Open with further works. With its round shaped hill top, tolerating winds from more than 180º, counter clockwise, from east-southeast to west, it is a recurring Take-off in competitions if Azinha is not an option. It has successfully hosted the Nordic Open and the Portuguese Championships.

Flight conditions: Although with reduced height above valley a resident thermal in front of take-off is well suited for long distance flights even in the early morning hours.

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Site ID
Take-Off Coordinates 40.4035°N, 7.4542°W
Landing Field Coordinates 40.4037°N, 7.4428°W
Altitude 840 m
Height above valley 300 m
Wind direction SE, E, NE, N, NW
Area of the Take off 2500 m2

You can can find more information and flight tracks from this take-off at the XCPortugal website.

Club address

Largo da Reboleira - Sameiro, Manteigas

N 40º 24' 43.98'' W 7º 28' 07.20'' 

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Paula Martins, Pedro Patrício and Fernando Pereira