First flight of a youngster

One of the priviledges we have for sharing a flight in a tandem paraglider, is to be able to witness the smiles on passangers faces when they land. This time the passanger was young and here is a note on his first impressions about free flying…

“On the 6th of September 2020 I went flying, paragliding. The jouney from Estoril to Serra da Estrela was a little tiring but, as always, it came to an end.
My opinion is simple, (wait I have not introduced myself I am Rafael, I’m 10, and I live in Estoril, as you may have guessed), I found it nice and cool but in the middle I did a 360 and it was scary, I also got a bit sick and landed on my bum!
In conclusion, it is awesome, I recomend it and to me it was worth it because it as a lot more pros than cons. I can’t wait to fly again!!!” – Rafael V.

When flying Rafael did not mentioned anyting about being “scary”, he said simply that he was “tickled in is tummy”. 😀